Етнокомплекс Кривини


  • “Orlov Kamak” Waterfall – The waterfall is located on the Armera River, next to Goren Chiflik in Varna District. It is arranged in two levels, the upper one is 6 meters high, and the lower one is about 3 meters high.
    “The Wonderful Rocks” – The Wonderful Rocks are located on the banks of Tsonevo dam lake, 4km away from the village of Asparuhovo, Varna. The natural phenomenon represents an array of many beautiful rocks that range from 40 to 50 meters in height and together resemble castle towers. Lengthwise there is a tunel so they are easily approachable by car.
    “Hemski Porti” Fortress – The remains of the ”Hemski Porti” fortress (known as “Germeto”) are located between the villages of Bulair (2km west) and Golitsa (5.5km east). The place represents a grand complex of three forts guarding the northern Byzantine tribes in the past. It is assumed to have been built in the III-IV century.
    “Holy Ascension” Church – This Orthodox church is located in the centre of Pchelnik village and it was built in the period between 1923-1929 thanks to the hard voluntary work of local people. It is a really impressive historical site with enormous size and picturesque architecture typical for that period.
    “Dobrovanski Gubi” is a rock phenomenon in the Stara Planina Mountain, 27 km northeast of Aitos. It consists of three rock formations, resembling giant mushrooms, positioned approximately 10 meters apart from each other, the most impressive of which is the middle one with height and diameter of about 4 meters. For everyone’s pleasure, a ladder is available for everyone who wishes to reach the top and observe the breathtaking view from above.
    Boating on Kamchia River – boating on Kamchia River is an attraction that offers a tour around the outstanding beauty of the Kamchia Reserve by boat. The tour starts from the dock of the river and it continues downstream along the entire length of the river. The adventure lasts about 30 minutes and takes place throughout almost any time of the year depending on the weather conditions.
    Tsonevo Dam Lake is located near the village of Tsonevo in Stara Planina, on the territory of Varna district. It is the third largest dam lake in Bulgaria. It has been set to operate in 1974 mainly for industrial water supply and irrigation. The reservoir is used for recreation, relaxation and fishing. Catfish, carp, silver carp, grass carp, perch and other species can be found in it.
    “Gorica” Zoo – The zoo covers 4000 sq/m and is located on the main road between Burgas and Varna, next to Gorica village. Walking paths, wooden bridges and spots from where animals can be observed are there to ensure you make the most of your experience. People try to recreate the conditions and atmosphere as similar as possible to the animals’ natural habitat due to the continuous growth of many different species such as: mammals, predators and birds including the peacock, golden pheasant, Mongolian pheasant, ostrich, kangaroo, llama, deer, wild boar, fallow deer , horse, pony, jackal etc.
    “Happy Land” Amusement Park – The amusement park is located on the main road Burgas-Varna, about 25 km away from Varna. This is a place where the whole family can have fun together. There are stationary attractions and a wide variety of themed places like dino world, a waterfall lake, a pirate island, cheerful houses, ATV track, a jungle, and a barbecue area. Animators in the complex also contribute to the unique experience.
    The protected area of Longoza is a former buffer zone around Kamchia Reserve. Typical for the region are dense forests. The total area of the field is 230 ha, 70 of which are reserved forest area or dense forests and 160 ha are agricultural lands.
    Everyone is allowed to travel from Kamchia River to the borders of the reserve under certain requirements which tourists have to comply with.
    “Valchi Prohod” Reserve – The name of this reserve dates from 1968. It is composed of beech, oak and hornbeam trees of natural origin and is preserved in excellent condition. It is located north of Golitsa village. The reserve is unreachable by car, therefore you can get there only through the forest paths.
    In the vicinity of Krivini village also takes place the so called “Burning Water” Spring. It is long believed by local people that water rising from this spring has healing powers. An intriguing fact is that samples have shown that this water contains large amounts of iodeine, which supports local legends of healing water.
    “Kaleto” Ecopath – Obzor